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Chemical Engineer(Los Angeles CA).  Optimize polymer formulation, mechanics, and geometry.  Design and draft photomasks. Prepare photoresist molds and polymer stamps. Microprint proteins. Assemble soft polymer sheet to glass substrate and polystyrene multi-well plate via chemical bonding.  Develop algorithms to analyze and visualize experiment data. Assist paper/patent drafting.  This position requires a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering plus knowledge of polymer chemistry/physics/characterization, chemical modification, micro/nano fabrication, and photolithography. Proficiency in polymer synthesis, handling purified protein, AutoCAD, MATLAB, R, MEMS processes, and technical writing is also required.  To apply, send resume to Forcyte Biotech Inc, 1100 Glendon Ave, FL17, Los Angeles CA 90024.  Make sure to reference position #JZ1220.

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