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Cellular force generation

Much like mechanical force is utilized at the “organism level” by e.g. humans to perform important tasks , it is also critically utilized at the “cellular level” by organ tissues and single-cells to maintain health and proper function. Because of its importance, it can also lead to various diseases if left uncontrolled.

Yet despite the fact that it underlies so many diseases, there is no widely-available method of evaluating cellular force! 

Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc. was formed to leverage FLECS Technology (originally developed in the Di Carlo Lab @ UCLA) to provide drug-makers and researchers direct access to cellular force generation at the single-cell level – a cellular behavior that was previously inaccessible in an automated way.

What we do

We provide a fundamentally new class of cell-based assays that functionally evaluate single-cell contractility, integrated into standard multi-wellplate vessels – available both as end-to-end services, and as consumables.

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FLECS consumables to enable studies in force biology


FLECS single-cell contractility assays
FLECS Tissuoid contraction assays
FLECS-3D / Coming soon
Custom FLECS substrate development

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