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The Body is a Mechanical System

The human body is as much a mechanical system as it is an electrical and a chemical one and disruption of normal mechanical function in cells & tissue leads to diseases – some of the biggest in the world!

Forcyte Biotechnologies has simplified cellular mechanobiology. We pioneered the first high-throughput platform enabling acquisition of functional cell contractility (force-generation) data using standard assay formats. This technology equips researchers and drug makers with the ability begin to understand and to manipulate force biology.

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We Enable Force Biology

Mechanomedicine. Implementing the first platform enabling discovery of small molecule drugs that regulate cellular force generation.

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We also provide Products and Services to equip researchers with powerful tools to study cellular force biology or key functional data to advance their programs.

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Our Vision

FLECS consumables to enable studies in force biology


FLECS single-cell contractility assays
FLECS Tissuoid contraction assays
FLECS-3D / Coming soon
Custom FLECS substrate development

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