Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc

the function-first biology company

The Goal Of Every Drug

Change Cell Function


But current drug discovery approaches

don't directly measure cell function

Current discovery models are either:

  • not physiologically relevant,
  • not scalable,
  • only address narrow biology
Existing –omics cannot predict cell function:


Many genes not expressed or governed by complex mechanisms


Presence doesn’t indicate amount or functionality of protein


Presence doesn’t ensure functional involvement or describe interactivity with other molecules


Presence doesn’t indicate involvement in relevant pathway; may be involved in multiple processes

These are upstream components of what actually matters:

cell function

This is especially important in mechanomics

Addressing the huge pan-biological mechanomic
disease space:

Contractile cell function:
fundamental property in all cells


We’re pioneering the field of


a functional –omics describing the contractile cell function underlying the physicality of biology and its universal roles in health and disease

Our goal:

Build an atlas of human mechanobiology

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