Forcyte is hiring! Seeking Associate Bioengineer to jumpstart operations in the LA-area

We are seeking a razor-sharp and self-driven ‘A-player’ trained in and stimulated by biotechnology to join the founding team and lead operations in our LA Biomed location! Great opportunity to become a part of something special early on and grow with the company. Let your colleagues know! Link to job ad: Get in touch directly to apply —

The team’s flagship work on the FLECS platform published in Nature Biomedical Engineering

>3 years of work and development in the Di Carlo Lab has led to a thorough publication describing the broad capabilities and use-cases for the FLECS platform. On February 8, 2018, our paper “Elastomeric sensor surfaces for high-throughput single-cell force cytometry” was published online in Nature Biomedical Engineering! Link: Thanks to all who contributed – this marks the beginning of an exciting journey to improving health care!

Dr. Pushkarsky’s perspective describing FLECS is published in ADT

Dr. Pushkarsky presented the team’s overall work on FLECS Technology at the annual SBI2 meeting in San Diego back in September 2017. He was happy to have been awarded the Presidential Innovation Award and invited to write a short piece about his presentation – last month, this piece was published in the journal ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies! Link to article is here: