Forcyte Biotechnologies, Inc

the function-first biology company


FLuorescent Elastomeric Contractible Surfaces

Enabling functional force control discovery — find compounds correcting cell force

Intuitive visualization of cellular contractile force – cells “squeeze” micro-patterns causing size change

Well-plate format (24, 96, 384) to enable automation and truly high-throughput

Advanced Engineering

Micro-engineering innovations enable us to embed millions of adhesive, single-cell, force sensors into every plate

Independent selection of: (i) film stiffness, (ii) micropattern material, (iii) micro-pattern size and (iv) micropattern shape, enables studies of virtually any force biology

Standard Well-Plate Format

FLECS Technology is seamlessly integrated into the standard SLAS well-plate format

Each 384-well contains >1,200 individual single-cell force sensors.

Automated Image Analysis

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